Lost 30 pounds, clearer skin and more energy in 3 months !

"Have lost 30 pounds, have more energy and less cravings. Acne cleared up and skin has more vibrancy. Now I'm in love with my body and my eczema has also healed. When you are making life changes and in PCOS it really helps to have someone keep you accountable. Working with Aditi gets you to where you want to go faster. "
Aira Solomon, Entrepreneur

Lost 11.5 pounds in 2.5 months

"In 3 months, I achieved my fitness goal that I had struggled with for more than 7 years!

In my fast paced, travel heavy lifestyle aping with easy to stress personality, I was comfortable to ignore, undermine little health concerns lurking below the surface and felt silly about raising these little issues!

Aditi made sure each issue was discussed and didn’t let me ignore even the smallest concern... moods, physical aches & pains, chronic gut habits, family influences...

Her diet recommendations are customized to accommodate my personal & social obligations and the workout plans were completely customized to cater to my fitness goals and accommodate physical constraints along with tips & techniques to tackle my random emotional swings."

DEEPA, Entrepreneur, PTA member

Lost 11 pounds!

"In the last ten years, this is the lowest weight that I have been. But I think more than weight loss.....the credit I will give is making a mental, physical & emotional health a habit for me. I think what Aditi helped me do is break the plateau....it has been very difficult for me to break the mindset that I can lose weight."

I lost 12lbs in 7 weeks with zero workout!

"For months, I looked in despair as I worked out with a mix of strength training and cardio, and didn't see the needle moving at all. This must be relatable to those with a history of cysts, fibroids or hypothyroidism. I decided to take Aditi's expert help and realized I needed to take care of my hormones first and that could be done with eating right. Sometimes, asking for help is the best decision you can make for yourself and that's how I feel about working with Aditi. I avoided seeking help initially for the want of control on my life, and yet I feel more in control of my cravings, eating habits and health. For number lovers, I lost 12 lbs in 7 weeks with zero workout. But what I love the most is feeling energetic all day long."
Shalini , Product Manager

Lost 8 pounds and regained energy!

"So far, I have achieved my goal weight but more than that, I think I am finally learning how to eat. How to evaluate everything I put into my body. Not that I don't still eat crap from time to time, but it's done more deliberately as a conscious choice of "hey this is life, I will make up for it" than as a result of an unconscious addiction to such crap. I think this program has changed my attitude towards food, and how it impacts my mind (probably more than my body) and with time it will help me regain some of my self belief that I can make the right choices for myself."
Shambhavi , Marketing professional at Amazon

Lost 8 Pounds and reduced cravings!

My sleep, food habits and mental health was a wreck when I joined this program. Every morning I will wake up with headache and back pain and it felt that I was always tired but in 3 months I have improved my health emotionally, mentally and physically by sleeping well and eating healthy. I feel so much better than before. More relaxed and balanced. I am truly grateful for the positive changes Aditi and PTA have brought into my life. I have learned a lot in these 3 months but above all I have learned to prioritize my health, sleep and myself in this process.

SMRITY, Home Maker

I managed to lose about 3 pounds in 3 weeks and feel less bloated! 
"I am more regular with my workouts, my cravings for chocolate are almost gone and I feel less stressed. Huge thank you to Aditi for keeping regular check-ins on us these last few weeks and keeping us motivated."
NAMRATA KALIA, Analytical Lead, Google

Lost 10 pounds and maintaining for the last 6 months !

"Aditi is the best nutritionist that I have come across so far.
I have seen results from the first fortnight after joining the program.What makes her different from others is her effort in understanding what’s the root cause that is leading to the issues unlike the other nutritionists who gave me templatised diet charts without understanding why. Her diet charts are very easy to follow and she wouldn’t expect you to change your life style drastically. Now I understand the macros of eating and also indulge in my dessert and wine without feeling guilty :) I have seen results from the first fortnight after joining her program. I lost weight, my acne issue is sorted and I feel light."

Lost 19 pounds!

"Simple changes led to major shifts. She’s been my go-to since we started working together and we’ve had some ups and downs on the journey - either work related or personal stuff but Aditi always managed to motivate me to move onto the next step and not ponder on what’s done. She is extremely patient with all the questions and especially had focused a lot more on my stress management which honestly I didn’t even realize how impactful it was in my weight gain. I look forward to being on this journey because it’s doing wonders and I want to see where it takes me."
NITIGYA, Business Head

Went down to 27% body fat and flatter tummy!

The best part of the program is that it doesn’t only address the immediate goal, but empowers you with knowledge and hand hold you into forming habits and sustainable lifestyle changes that stay with you - while understanding the context of your life."
PTA Client